Consultations and Naturopathic Medicine

consultations and naturopathy

Monique works by finding the root causes of health issues, rather than just treating symptoms, and gives the body what it needs so it can repair itself, for longer-lasting health and vitality.

Her aim is to:
Repair your body by finding root causes of ill health
Strengthen your body by stimulating true healing and regeneration
Restore your health and vitality through individual plans and coaching
Heal your body through nutrition, lifestyle, physical movement, nutritional supplementation, botanical and herbal medicine, medical foods, energy medicine, laboratory testing and homeopathy.
Improve your life
*Please see the charges page for a breakdown of consultations, charges and locations

Consultations in the UK & worldwide through:

○ Skype

○ Audio

○ Video chat

○ Telephone

○ Face to Face in Brighton

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