Functional Diagnostic Laboratory Testing

functional laboratory analysis testing

Healthy-u is registered with reputable clinical and biological testing laboratories. This service is available, if needed, to assist in the process of further establishing the patient’s health circumstances, and therefore tailoring specific treatment to any findings. Types of tests can include stools, saliva and urine, which can be undertaken in the comfort of the patient’s own home. Blood testing is also available, and generally undertaken at a surgery.

Clinical and biological testing laboratories can undertake a huge range of diagnostic and investigative testing.

Comprehensive functional diagnostic laboratory testing assists in finding individual root causes so that any treatment can be targeted to individual specific needs.

If you are not currently a healthy-u client but you are interested in any of the tests below, please email stating which test(s) you would like, and include your full name, address and telephone number and tests will be sent out, together with payment details if appropriate. Please note that although most tests are available worldwide, some are not deliverable to certain countries.



Diagnostic testing can include, but are not limited to:

Adrenal Stress with CAR cortisol DHE

Adrenal Stress Profile (with CAR, cortisol, DHEA)

A comprehensive tool to assess the HPA axis — stress response and resiliency.

testing for candida sussex


Analyse a fungal colonisation including all candida species.

Epstein Barr Virus

Epstein-Barr Virus

Diagnosing EBV infection, a double stranded DNA Herpes virus.
food intolerance testing uk

Food Intolerance

Various food intolerance tests available to help pinpoint offending foods that may be causing health problems.
GI Map with Zonulin

GI Map with Zonulin

A comprehensive gastro intestinal asessment for pathogens, bacteria, worms, yeasts, parasites, intestinal health and immune markers.
heavy metals toxins toxicity

Heavy Metal Toxicity

A screen for 20 toxic metals elements using DMSA provocation.

Homocysteine testing uk


A test to assess pathway metabolism re-sulphuration to cysteine and re-methylation to methionine.

hormones testing


There are several hormone tests available to trace active, bio-available hormones for a variety of conditions.
food intolerance testing brighton

Intolerances: Fructose, Gluten & Lactose

Three individual tests to test fructose, gluten and lactose intolerances.

Lyme disease Co infections

Lyme disease and Co-infections

A high sensitivity test that can be used at different stages of the disease.

metabolomix assessment

Metabolomix +

A non-invasive personalised functional nutritional, deficiencies, organic, amino and fatty acids, and genomics assessment.



Metabolites produced by fungi like mould release mycotoxins causing symptoms of chronic diseases.

SIBO small intestine bacterial overgrowth

SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

Breath tests that measure hydrogen and methane gasses in response to glucose, lactulose substrates and fructose intolerance.
Thyroid T3 T4 iodine

Thyroid (T3, T4, iodine)

Thyroid hormone levels in urine is a valuable tool to detect thyroid dysfunction and iodine trace element.
Vitamin D

Vitamin D

The preferred test for vitamin D3 and D2 levels known as 25-hydroxy vitamin D.
and much more

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