“I feel so much better and in tune with my body now, working with Monique has changed my life ”

Up until I met Monique, I felt very let down by conventional medicine and services, as no one seemed to know why I had so many symptoms and received failing treatments. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2004 and suffered with fatigue, brain fog, bloating, anxiety, sleep issues and many other symptoms.

Since working with Monique and on my journey to better health, she has taught me the power of holistic health by tweaking my diet and with naturopathic medicine. I feel so much better and in tune with my body now.

As part of my recovery journey I undertook various diagnostic tests which showed adrenal fatigue, iodine deficiency, candida, heavy metals and EBV, all of which we have worked on. I also did a 2 week metabolic detox and cleanse with Monique’s support, which was very manageable.

Monique has a wealth of knowledge and experience, has educated me and works to find the root cause of symptoms. I would highly recommend Monique as working with her has changed my life!

“I could never have imagined regaining better health would feel so good”

I was told I had Fibromyalgia over 15 years ago. I had constant chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog. It also greatly disrupted my sleep most of the night as my body hurt laying down and had to move frequently. I tried to manage the condition myself which was very hit and miss. I got so low, and fortunately for me, a friend suggested I contact Monique. I had a 3 hour consultation with Monique and this was the first time I was able to completely describe my health in depth. Monique really listened.

Monique followed up my consultation with a health improvement plan that was full and detailed. I began taking various supplements and followed the plan that included diet change and health support ideas. I was amazed that within just 3 weeks my overall health issues began to improve. The restless legs, and leg and foot cramping reduced hugely and the tingling decreased dramatically. As time went on I was happy to find that the feeling in the tips of my toes had returned. The many handouts that Monique supplied gave me plenty of information.

Today a year later since embarking on my health plan I am sleeping so much better, this was my main wish, to be able to sleep without body pain. It is now a rare night that I am unable to sleep so well.

Thank you Monique for your thoughtful and thorough approach to my individual health needs, I could never have imagined regaining better health would feel so good.

Cilla from East Sussex

“It wasn’t long before I noticed a change and began to feel stronger and more like me again”

After a 3 month treatment program of chemotherapy and radiation, my cancer was gone, but my body was clearly weak and ‘out of sorts’. I didn’t know what to expect post-treatment and although relieved to finish the cancer treatment, I felt alone and scared after having been under the care of the medical team. Monique was amazingly caring, patient, thorough and knowledgeable, explaining clearly what I needed to know. It wasn’t long before I noticed a change and began to feel stronger and more like me again. Today I am 5 years cancer-free and feel healthy and happy. I am still working on a few things as my lifestyle and nutrition regime changes. I am always open and happy to check-in with Monique, who answers my questions and keeps me on track, which I very much appreciate. I am truly thankful to have Monique in my life.

Steph, Canada

“I now feel energetic and nourished”

I was first diagnosed in early 2016 at age 20 with hidradenitis suppurativa, an incurable skin condition. The Dr said that it could only be controlled by 3 monthly antibiotic courses for the rest of my life, taken once a year or more often. After seeing Monique and having undertaken various lab tests, a complete change in diet and lifestyle, and appropriate additional supplements, I was able to live a much healthier life. Before seeing Monique I felt lethargic, aggravated and my condition was highly inflamed. I now feel energetic and nourished, and my incurable disease hasn’t been a problem for me for over a year. All signs of the condition are no longer visible as they persistently were before.

Francesca, Seaford

“It was miraculous!”

Following a very unhelpful consultation with a surgeon who suggested surgery for my diverticulitis, I had a consultation with Monique. It was miraculous! Within two days I was feeling a great deal better. Now, three months later, I am continuing to improve and have resumed my activities. I am delighted with Monique’s kindly help and have recommended her to all my friends.

P Trinick, from Sussex, aged 80

“After a few weeks following Monique’s programme I started to see a difference in my health.”

After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis autoimmune disease, and going through the menopause, I felt totally burnt out and disinterested in life. So I decided to look at natural health and nutrition. After a long chat with Monique, she set about getting me well again. A test showed that my adrenals were also completely flat, so I definitely knew I had to work with Monique – she is a very good listener and picks up on your symptoms. After a few weeks following Monique’s programme I started to see a difference in my health. Two years on, I am so pleased with the results. I have come through the menopause and my thyroid is balanced with the food I eat, along with my supplements. My adrenals and thyroid are back to a healthy level, and I have a new lease of life. My consultant recently discharged me and remarked that it was a miracle! I will never be completely free of Hashimoto’s, but I am managing it without clinical drugs.

Wendy, from Ovingdean

“I found Monique to be warm, welcoming, and very thorough”

I found Monique via the Thyroid UK website and I’m so grateful I did. After coming off the pill at age 41, I was unexpectedly diagnosed as postmenopausal. I’d been experiencing steady weight gain, abdominal bloating, constipation and energy issues. I found Monique to be warm, welcoming, and very thorough who took me seriously. In just over a year, my latest results show that my adrenal and thyroid function is much improved. I haven’t retested yet for the Candida. I live in Singapore where distance has not been a problem. She always answers questions via WhatsApp and I have never felt alone or overwhelmed.

Libby, Singapore

“I’m doing well and am enjoying renewed health”

Having been diagnosed with high cholesterol and type II diabetes, as well as having energy and sleep issues, I’m doing well and am enjoying renewed health. Monique was professional and thorough with an in-depth knowledge and wisdom that led me to trust her immediately.

Anne, Bedfordshire

“Straight away Monique put my mind at rest with her extensive knowledge”

In 2016 I found out that my teenage daughter had a chronic skin condition. I was completely devastated and assumed that there was no hope. By chance I saw Monique advertising and we went to see her .It was the best thing we did. Straight away Monique put my mind at rest with her extensive knowledge and it was so good to find out that there were options other than a lifetime on antibiotics. My daughter has been so much better and her condition is in remission. Monique is always on hand to help and I can’t recommend her enough.

Debby (Mum), East Sussex

“After the first consultation I knew we had made the right decision”

My fiancé and I were mid-way through a trip around the world, and after being plagued with various illnesses in India we made a stop off in Brighton where we visited Monique. After the first consultation I knew we had made the right decision. Monique was very thorough in her work and I felt confident that she would guide us back to full health. The guidance that she gave not only healed my ailments but left me more empowered about my own health. Three weeks later we were both feeling great and ready to continue on our worldly adventure. Thank you Monique!

Ric, Australia

“After a few months my health significantly improved”

I had been diagnosed with an under active thyroid for 5 years before I had my first appointment with Monique. On meeting with her I was on GP prescribed medication and I was feeling tired and still symptomatic. The GP could offer me no more than pills to take for the rest of my life. I was almost at the point of despair believing my health would never improve. After a few months my health significantly improved and within 12-18 months I was transformed. I had gone from dragging myself into work in an exhausted state, trying to cope with a foggy head. I also had weekly headaches, digestive problems and low mood. Now I cycle to work, meet friends after work, walk at the weekends, and even play racquet ball weekly. Thank you Monique!

Rosie, Hove

“At 50 I feel better than I have in years”

I’m so glad I found Monique! I’d been feeling as though I was running on empty for ages and by my late 40’s I was exhausted. The doctor told me ‘You’re 47, this is life now’. I decided not to accept that and made an appointment with Monique. Tests confirmed that I had an underactive Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue. Now at 50 I feel better than I have in years, and even going through the menopause doesn’t feel like a big deal. I was nervous about making my first appointment but I needn’t have been, Monique is very easy to talk to and we spend a lot of time laughing, you make changes at your own pace and I feel much happier taking the natural supplements she suggests than prescription medication. I wish I had started on this journey to good health years ago!

Jemma, Saltdean

“The best I have felt in my whole life at age 82!”

This is the best I have felt in my whole life at age 82! Thank you so much Monique!

Cynthia, Hailsham

“I was really glad to meet Monique, she was massively helpful”

I was really glad to meet Monique, she was massively helpful. She is helping to heal the world with her passion and knowledge!

Neil, Brighton

“I highly recommend Monique”

I highly recommend Monique for her thorough and efficient work!

Rachel, West Sussex

“It’s great to have someone with Monique’s knowledge and experience helping me”

It was really good to do the full consultation and Asyra testing/screening with Monique. I feel quite positive after the consultation and it’s great to have someone with Monique’s knowledge and experience helping me through my autoimmune health issues.

Jane, Bournemouth

“Truly fabulous!”

I thought Monique was truly fabulous!

Phil, London

“Support, encouragement, and advice”

“Monique’s caring and ongoing support, encouragement, and advice have helped me enormously in making changes to my diet, thinking, and habits. This new motivation to make different choices has really enabled me to improve my health and wellbeing.”

Linda, Reading

“My wife is feeling very well and has not had any more eating problems”

“My wife is feeling very well and has not had any more eating problems. Since seeing you she has changed her diet and is regularly taking the supplements you recommended, and it all seems to be working.”

A client from Saltdean

“Monique’s regime of dietary advice and supplements has started to help increase my energy level “

“Having had chronic fatigue for a number of years, I found that Monique’s regime of dietary advice and supplements has started to help increase my energy level as well as renewing my optimism about attaining a full recovery.”

Jane, Berkshire

“Two-month-old baby girl was quickly better”

“My two-month-old baby girl was quickly better from her colic following your recommendations. Thank you.”

Linda, Holland

“Monique gave me very friendly, personal and professional attention”

“I found Monique through the internet so I thought I might be taking a risk. I explained in an email that I had just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid. After receiving some free advice, I realised that she was interested in my health rather than getting me to make an appointment. I did make an appointment and found that Monique gave me very friendly, personal and professional attention. It was great advice, with lots of self-help information and recommendations of where I could get things to incorporate into my new diet. I have to say that five weeks later I felt so good that I didn’t feel I needed to go back. Good for me (but no so good for Monique!).”

Linda, Brighton

“Monique was helpful from the very first contact”

“Nutley Hall is a residential home for people with special needs. We have had positive results with nutrition and specialised diets before, so we contacted Monique who came to Nutley Hall to test two residents for food intolerances. Monique was helpful from the very first contact. She was very friendly and warm, and was able to put our residents at ease. We found Monique’s findings and recommendations insightful and implemented some her suggestions to the definite benefit of our residents.”

Bara Filipkova, House Unit Co-ordinator

“Healing the body with natural ingredients”

“I thoroughly recommend a consultation with Monique. She has expert knowledge in numerous different fields and will always work with you at a pace that is comfortable to you, healing the body with natural ingredients.”

Melanie Tilbury, holistic nutritional practitioner colleague

“I can hardly believe the clear changes that I feel”

“I started my journey into better health just under a year ago. After struggling with arthritis in my neck and my feet (which often left me unable to walk due to swelling of my big toe joint), I cut out all animal products from my diet. At first, I felt a little better but after a flare-up I booked in to see Monique. After a wonderful 2 hour session I came away with a lot of information and followed a sugar, yeast, gluten and caffeine free diet. I can hardly believe the clear changes that I feel. For the first time in the longest time I wake up without pain. I feel clear minded, strong and determined. I feel better in every way. Monique has a passion for health and nutrition that is infectious and I would recommend anyone that is fed up with putting up with pain to go see her.”

Bee, Pyecombe

“Monique made us feel welcome from our first appointment”

“Monique was a great support when we realised there was an underlying health issue with my 5 year old granddaughter. Monique made us feel welcome from our first appointment and over the coming following tests a new diet plan was put in place and the health of my granddaughter improved. My granddaughter has now been formally diagnosed with celiac but without Monique’s support we would not have been able to challenge our GP.
My granddaughter is thriving now so thank you”

Maria, Brighton

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