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The health screening system, called Asyra, is a highly sophisticated bio-energetic technology system that can provide a full analysis of the body’s vital functions in just minutes. It is regarded as the future of healthcare. Energy medicine is the coming together of ancient Chinese medicine practices and advanced scientific and technological understanding. It complements a holistic health approach by helping to locate causes of common conditions and symptoms.

Following a health and nutritional consultation, cylinder electrodes held in each hand take rapid, painless readings from several acupuncture points. These indicate a snapshot of the energetic state of internal organs, nutritional needs, environmental sensitivities, hormonal imbalance, toxin response and much more.

male health screeningHealth screening helps to find the causes of conditions and symptoms and how best to resolve them. As an experienced holistic health, functional medicine and nutrition practitioner, Monique can build up a picture of the body’s requirements and challenges, and make recommendations to restore health, balance and well-being. The body can then be put on the road to recovery and better health using natural medicine, such as dietary changes, supplements, superfoods, and lifestyle and self-help techniques.

A detailed report is produced at the end of each screening, and is usually emailed. As well as English, reports can also be sent in other languages such as Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Italian.

Imprinting of homeopathic remedies specific to the individual’s imbalances identified throughout the screening is recommended and available at an additional cost of £5. The system benefits from regular web updates therefore providing the latest in health screening healthcare. The screening is suitable for anyone other than those with an old pacemaker and pregnant women in their first trimester.

Some of the things the Asyra system can include:

  •  Full body assessment
  •  Food intolerances and sensitivities
  •  Nutritional deficiencies
  •  Emotional / mental / physical stressors
  •  Hormone balance
  •  Environmental and chemical sensitivities
  •  Heavy metal toxicity
  •  Bacterial / parasitical / fungal / viral infection
  •  Metabolism and digestion
  •  Organ and system functionality
  •  Neurotransmitter (brain chemicals) balance
  •  Skeletal integrity
  •  The best Flower Remedy for you

For information on research conducted using the Asyra system, please visit

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