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“At AMD we believe people can improve their health through detoxification. We are the manufacturer and worldwide distributor of the IonCleanse® detox footbath systems, the safest, most thorough and efficient instruments used to cleanse and purify the body”.

The IonCleanse® by AMD helps the body detox through the healing power of ions. Ions, because of their powerful charge, cleanse the body more effectively than any other method of detox. It is a unique total body detox that uses biocompatible electrical frequencies with the healing power of ions – the same kind of beneficial ions that make you feel so wonderful walking along the beach or near a waterfall. The IonCleanse® by AMD is the safest and most effective way to cleanse and purify the body.

The IonCleanse detox is a complete method of cell detoxification that eliminates toxins and organic waste through the feet. The body’s lymphatic and periphery nervous systems are connected through the feet.

In today’s world we live in polluted and stressful environments that can cause body burden. We are continuously exposed to chemicals, pesticides, additives, EMF’s, preservatives found in food, water, and the environment, beauty and cleaning products and lots more.

The body’s excretion pathways may become over-whelmed with a build-up of toxins resulting in a host of symptoms which compromises our body, health and appearance. Symptoms may include: stress, depression, anxiety, tiredness, lowered immunity, poor sleep, hormone imbalance, nausea, allergies, headaches and much more.

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IonCleanse footbath detox sessions

New clients complete a questionnaire

A half hour health consultation pre IonCleanse session is required to evaluate, assess usage and suitability. Total first session time is 1 hour

The person sits on a chair with their feet in warm water whilst the body detoxifies itself

Drinking clean alkaline water is recommended before and after the session. Good nutrition and supplements will also enhance the session/s and overall health

A short evaluation and recommendations will be given at the end of the session

General usage guidelines

(sessions may need to be tailored to individual health needs):

Children 2-12 years – 10-15 minutes 3 x per week

Adolescents – 30 minutes 3 x per week

Adults 18-50 – 30 minutes every other day or 3 x per week – up to 14 sessions

Adults over 50 – 30 minutes – 2 x per week – up to 14 sessions


Contraindications – not suitable for people with the following:

This is not and exhaustive list, but rather the most common

  • People who have a pacemaker
  • Organ transplant recipients
  • Pregnant or nursing women
  • Anyone on medication, the absence of which would cause mental or physical impairment, such as psychotic episodes, seizures, etc
  • Anyone on blood thinners (Coumadin or warfarin) or medications that regulate heartbeat


A couple of testimonials….

“I had noticeably so much more energy afterwards”

“I am sleeping much better and feel I have more energy”


The IonCleanse® Systems are part of a comprehensive health and wellness system and the information provided by healthy-u is solely for use as part of a self-improvement program. None of the information provided on this website is intended to act as a substitute for medical advice, and customers should consult their practitioner prior to commencing use of the IonCleanse® Systems or any other products offered by healthy-u. The products offered are not intended to treat, prevent, cure, or diagnose any disease, illness or ailment.

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