Metabolic cleanse and detox

detox body plan
This is a complete and manageable 2 week programme that can fit into your life which helps to reset and optimise the metabolism.

People who have undertaken the programme have reported health improvements such as better energy, less bloating, sugar spiking control, weight loss, sounder sleep, feeling renewed and more relaxed, glowing skin and a whole host of other benefits.

The metabolic cleanse helps to mop out toxins, targeting the liver. The kit includes a pre-detox checklist, all supplements, instructions, recipes, a menu planner, FAQs and a workbook. The price found on the fees page includes 1.5 hours of Monique’s time providing support and guidance by phone or Skype over the 2 week period.

If you are not a current healthy-u client then you may be required to undertake a chargeable pre-cleanse consult to determine suitability.

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