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There is increasing concern about electromagnetic pollution (EMF’s and RF – Radio Frequencies) and the effects it is having on our bodies and all living things. Children are more vulnerable, as are the elderly, pregnant, infirm and hypersensitive people.

One of the issues with continued exposure of EMF’s and RF’s is that we can’t see, hear or feel the radiation emitted.

Therefore, we may find it hard to believe that it can be doing us or any animal, insect and plant life any harm.

The most commonly noticed symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity are problems sleeping, migraines, ringing in the ears, palpitations, foggy thinking, anxiety, and depression. There are now many people that are becoming more sensitive, and over time it seems likely that many more will feel the effects.

As humans, we are electrical beings. We create electricity in our cells, and then conduct it through the body. The more electrical frequencies we expose ourselves to, the more we are interfering with our own individual electrical signals. This is one of the reasons why time spent in nature is so healing: we are retuning the electro-magnetics of the body. Simply put, everything is frequency, and the frequency of our bodies is affected negatively by the frequency of devices using WiFi and mobile networks.
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Healthy-u can help to:

  • Support your body to better deal with possible radiation symptoms
  • Arrange laboratory testing to support your health
  • Assist with immunity
  • Identify health areas needing additional boosting and support
  • Provide guidance to create a wellness and safe home
  • Recommend safety measures and tips
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