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Why have I chosen, use and recommend Tropic products?
Because they are good for your health and the planet 😊

Tropic is a leader in natural skincare solutions:

* Skin care     * Sun care     * Body care     * Hair care     * Foot care     * Baby care

* New mum care     * Man care     * Mineral make-up

What we put on our skin, hair, body, nails and face gets absorbed into our skin and bloodstream. If the products we use are not clean and chemical free, our bodies absorb all the toxins and add to our toxic and inflammatory load contributing to ill health.

Unfortunately the beauty industry is unregulated and sadly most high street brands contain a multitude of health damaging products. You can check this on the ‘think dirty’ app.

Whether or not we have health issues, it is important to use clean products in all aspects of our lives to help support our bodies, health and vitality. When we have health challenges, using clean products is an important stepping stone towards better health and is another piece of our overall health puzzles.

Over several years, I researched and looked for a natural skin, body care and cosmetics company that would fit in well with my healthy-u natural health services and my ethical and naturopathic beliefs. I came across Tropic in April 2020 after an emergency operation which left my lower legs and feet with extremely dry flaking skin, something I had never experienced before. I discovered Tropic and decided to try several products and found them to be extremely effective, nourishing and honestly just brilliant!

Good natural, nourishing and freshly made ingredients are an important component to our health care and recovery. Our skin not only absorbs everything we put on it but it is also our largest detoxifying organ, so we want to enable it to thrive, and not clog it up with toxic chemicals.

Tropic’s mission statement is to ‘ Create a healthier, greener, more empowered world’. And it certainly does that!

Tropic is a UK based innovative multi award winning company (over 200 awards won!) that makes fresh natural and nourishing products in Surrey.

It is ethically minded, cruelty free, sustainably sourced, constantly strives towards reducing waste and Co2 emissions, is certified carbon neutral, is protect land sea certified, has refillable, interchangeable, compostable mineral colour make-up palette, and uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

For every sale made, Tropic also donates to and is in partnership with the United World Schools who have provided over 2.3 million days of school for children in some of the poorest and remote communities in the world.

In 2021 Tropic also won Best Carbon Neutral Brand as well as Best Vegan Skincare Brand in the UK and has also recently partnered with the Woodland Trust to support ancient woodlands and wildlife habitats.

beauty awards winner 2021
tropic skin care vegan products

See for further information or to place an order. Visit my shop page too.

Tropic delivers to 41 countries, and gives a 30 day money back guarantee.

Free delivery on orders over £25 in the UK.

Take this mini quiz to find your skincare routine finder.

think dirty app
Check out Tropic products on the think dirty app who consistently score ‘clean’. Check your current products and see how they score.
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tropic skin care
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